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Whether your new to photography and want to learn Image processing or your looking for an alternative approach to your workflow you have come to the right place. I offer 1 on 1 Image post processing for landscape photography via Skype, Googlemeet, or your preferred video media. 

1 on 1 Image Processing

This instruction is typically done through Skype or Google meet. We will connect online at a date/time of your choosing I will screen record our meetup.  After our session I will provide you with a high resolution mp4 file you can have to reference at your leisure in the highest quality. 

To get the most out of image processing I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and a couple of 3rd party plug in applications in Tony Kuypers TK 8 actions panel, and DXO's NIK software, these 3rd party tools allow for adjustments that would otherwise be more tedious and complicated using just Photoshop alone.

Each session I offer is unique and specific to your needs depending on your skillset and the techniques your looking to learn. During our session we can either process one of my images, or we can process one of yours to show you the creative potential of your current catalog of images. My sessions cover intermediate and advanced techniques so you should already be versed in basic photography knowledge i.e. shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera settings etc. I instruct in Photoshop processing techniques not the tools themselves, so you should have a general knowledge of photoshop prior to our session. 

Topics typically covered during a session are:

  • Image process start to finish

  • Image prep in Adobe Camera RAW

  • In field shooting techniques to increase processing quality

  • Image optimization for web viewing or Printing

  • Image cataloging 

  • Processing techniques:

    • Exposure blending

    • Focus Stacking

    • Double Processing

    • Perspective Blending

    • Color & Tone Seperation

    • Luminosity Masking

    • Orton Effect

    • Light Painting

    • Among others



In a 1 hour session we will have time to cover

2+ techniques and any questions that you have 


A 1.5 hour session is best to process 1-2 Images and most techniques plus questions 


A 2 hour session is best to process 1-3 Images and cover all techniques plus questions 

A 2.5 hour session is best to process 1-3 Images and cover all techniques in greater detail

plus questions 

1 Hour

1.5 Hour


2 Hour


2.5 Hour

Schedule a Session

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