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I grew up in the midwest. I was always outdoors, from sports, to hiking, and exploring, but photography never really crossed my mind until I was introduced to photography during my Graphic and Web design program. I was instantly hooked. My enjoyment for being outside, exploring, adventuring and photography go hand in hand. When you go for a hike to an iconic spot, or just go out to explore you come home with the memories and the experience, but in photography you get to experience not only the hike, and the memories, you get to bring a piece of that timeless moment home with you and share it with the world.


Unlike some film photographers who transitioned into digital, digital is all I have ever known, so the camera and the digital processing in photoshop go hand in hand, I almost see it as a 50/50 split. Some photographers are purists meaning their shooting style is a literal interpretation of the scene, there is little to no post processing work done to the image, ( think National Geographic ) this is a great and very authentic approach to the medium and In some cases my work falls in this category, but I come from the digital age, and the modern photography age where post processing and creating your own style and fine art look to a scene is all part of the process. I find that when you are standing with an amazing scene in front of you; no picture can truly compare to how that scene was in person, the atmosphere and the emotion that you felt. My approach is to use the digital tools I have to re-create that emotion and atmosphere that I felt in hopes that I can pass that experience along to my viewer, and show them a little glimpse at how I see the world and inspire them to get outdoors an experience the same things.

The Gear

The most asked question I get aside from sharing photo locations is what gear I use. Now I want to be clear you can capture amazing photographs with your phone so its not always about the gear, you just have to be in the right place at the right time and thoughtfully compose the scene, but with that said, if you want tack sharp images, and want to be able to reproduce an image with the most dynamic range in a large format print like you will find in my galleries then its best to step into a DSLR camera body with a sturdy tripod and some decent glass.

I currently use a Nikon Camera body and I use Nikon's flagship series of lenses.

Nikon D810 camera body

 Nikon 14-24mm 2.8

Nikon 24-70mm 2.8,

 Nikon 70-200mm 2.8

 NIkon 50mm 1.4

I do also use a Nikon 300mm & 400mm 2.8 but I use these lenses so seldomly usually for wildlife that i prefer to just rent them as needed, since they are very large, and very cumbersome.

Gitzo systematic series5 carbon fiber Tripod

Really Right Stuff BH-55 ball head

Really Right stuff L bracket for the Nikon D810

Lee ND, Graduated, poloraizer and big stopper filters

Wonderpana System for the nIkon 14-24 polarizer  & ND filters

F-stop Gear Tilopa camera backpack


Ryan Engstrom


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